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To be Global No.1 BPO


To continuously groom our employees into future leaders.

To provide high-quality, value-added services for our clients.

Core Values

We aspire to form a team with greatness to produce a powerful and competitive company, therefore, 7 core values of the company are created as follows. #TWG2C2P

Element 1

Work together effectively to achieve a goal despite personal conflict between individuals

Element 1

Think out of the box and be creative to spark interest in customers

Element 1
Willingness To Learn & Teach

Stay hungry for knowledge and be generous in knowledge sharing

Element 1

Be passionate, committed, responsible, efficient and be disciplined at work. Be the CREDit of the company

Element 1
Gratefulness & Thankfulness

Practice honesty, moral; be grateful and thankful for what you have.

Element 1

Positive attitude towards clients and colleagues

Element 1

Work together effectively to achieve a goal despite personal conflict between individuals.

About Zchwantech

In the world of technology, it's a relentless race to the finish line that never truly ends. There are always new and exciting technological advancements happening as we speak. Resting on our laurels is not an option for us.

Let's talk about prioritizing our most valuable assets: our employees, by cultivating an ideal working environment and strongly emphasizing conducting intensive workshops and training sessions. We are providing them with the best opportunity to deliver peak performance.

We take immense pride in our company's core values, which guide our teams to work seamlessly together to deliver exceptional results. Going above and beyond our client's expectations is a fundamental aspect of our approach. Our ability to develop our in-house tools and software also gives us a significant advantage.

We are officially registered with the Ministry of Finance (MOF) Malaysia and will participate in bidding for government tenders.

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Leadership Team

Our leadership team brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the table. Ideas are shared and decisions are made collectively to build strong and long-lasting partnerships.

  • Alex C


  • Chay WJ

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Lawrence L

    VP, Solution Architecture

  • Lee CY

    Senior Project Management

  • Tan KB

    Solution Architect

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