Zchwantech - Culture

Zchwantech Culture

Like the invention of the wheel in the past, technology is indeed, the product of our time.

Thus, it's vital to have the proper setup and culture in place to optimize our solutions. To facilitate collaboration across the board, instead of working in silos. Almost like clockwork.

So, how do we harness this conducive working culture into being?


At Zchwantech, our culture is shaped by its 7 core values. We swear by this collective mantra. What are these 7 core values?


Work together effectively to achieve a goal despite personal conflict (if any) between individuals.

Passion (*CRED - Commitment, Responsibility, Efficiency & Discipline)

Be passionate, committed, responsible, efficient, and disciplined at work. Be the CREDit of the company.

Willingness To Learn & Teach

Stay hungry for knowledge and be generous in knowledge sharing.

Communication (Open-Minded)

Use the right tone and language to communicate and the willingness to accept others' opinions.


Think out of the box and be creative to spark interest from the customers.

Gratefulness & Thankfulness (Integrity)

Practice honesty and morals. To be grateful and thankful for what you have.


Positive attitude towards clients and colleagues. By having these core values, it will ensure everyone is on the same page, working towards the same goal. These will be our shared reference points.


Zchwantech believes in exponential growth through technical and soft skills. These skills can and should be polished.

Here are some of our examples:

A. New Joiner Orientation

On the very 1st day, the new employees enroll in the 'New Joiner Orientation' programme. These new hires will be briefed and get up to speed with the new workplace, job responsibilities, colleagues, and the company culture. Being comfortable tends to make an employee a happy and productive one, too.

B. Technical and soft skills initiative

Our employees are always encouraged to work on projects on their own. Some, out of their main specialization. Then, there are also employees that get promoted or change specializations altogether.

Thus, Zchwantech expedites these processes by:

A. Conducting in-house training and programmes, all year long (technical skills).

B. Inviting industrial and market experts, to impart knowledge such as sales, leadership and business communication (soft skills).

These initiatives are imperative because while Zchwantech is selling digital solutions, it's the human touch that is essential in the relationship with our internal stakeholders and external stakeholders. Vendors, colleagues, third parties and clients with different personalities, various cultures and backgrounds from across the globe.